Premier Speedway Keeping It Clean Thanks To Wheelie Waste

In an age where simply conducting an event that involves many hundreds or thousands of spectators is difficult enough, the ongoing issues of Waste Management are always prominent, but with thanks to the team at Wheelie Waste, Premier Speedway has an event partner with our best interests at heart.

Wheelie Waste have been more to Premier Speedway over a long period of time, having seen the relationship develop into an Event Partnership, with Wheelie Waste having become a major part of the annual Eureka Series event as held in March.

“Wheelie Waste have been an integral part of Premier Speedway for a very long time now and to be able to work with them to ensure, especially during events such as the Classic, that our grounds are presentable is a major part of what we do”, Premier Speedway General Manager David Mills said.

“Gary Barton, Chris Philp and the entire team at Wheelie Waste work very closely with us and our volunteer groups such as the Allansford Football Netball Club to ensure that we present our venue in the best possible manner each-and-every time we open the gates. The support they provide us is exceptional and we can’t thank them enough for what they do”, Mills added.

About Wheelie Waste:

Wheelie Waste Collection provides a range of waste management services to Local Government, Commercial and Private operations. Wheelie Waste have always been committed to providing that little bit “extra”for all of their clients, with the aim being to set them apart from their competitors.

At their peak Wheelie Waste service in excess of 450,000 properties each week.

Wheelie Waste offer services that cover Household Waste Collection, Business Waste, Clean Up Bins, Recycling Glass and Green Waste as well as Scrap Metal Services.

Located at 3 Chatham Court, Warrnambool – Wheelie Waste can be contacted on (03) 55 64 3700 or on 1800 999 690.

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