Young Guns Star at Season Finale For Premier Speedway-59382

Young Guns Star at Season Finale For Premier Speedway

Jordyn Charge, Alex Ross and Tyler Maggs claimed the last three feature events of the 2020-21 Premier Speedway season tonight at Sungold Stadium.

With rain having been a constant of the week leading up to the event, a slick and racy surface greeted competitors from the drop of the green flag in the first heat with some exciting racing transpiring throughout the packed heat racing program.

The quick results of the nights program are as follows:


Time Trial Group One:
1. D7 Matthew Reed 11.405; 2. V4 Phil Lock 11.454; 3. V17 Dennis Jones 11.510; 4. V73 Charles Hunter 11.583; 5. VA14 Chris Rodda; 6. V15 David Dennison 11.707; 7. S44 Daniel Evans 11.747; 8. V71 Marcus Green 11.983; 9. VA37 Darryl Atkinson 12.369; 10. V18 Sam Millar 12.702.

Time Trial Group Two:
1. V19 Sam Wren 11.627; 2. VA3 Kaidon Brown 11.627; 3. V86 Justin Barton; 4. A1 Brett Milburn 11.797; 5. V7 Paul Solomon 11.811; 6. VA42 Mark Noonan 11.815; 7. VA91 Daniel Scott 11.909; 8. VA47 Ben Morrison 12.038; 9. VA96 Daniel Mayson 12.131.

Time Trial Group Three:
1. V60 Jordyn Charge 11.588; 2. V2 Domain Ramsay 11.829; 3. V11 Grant Anderson 11.843; 4. V44 Tim Van Ginneken 11.925; 5. N36 Eddie Lumbar 12.048; 6. V46 Jordan Abbott 12.128; 7. V75 Mitchell Smith 12.131; 8. D21 Zac Farrer; 9.V88 Renae Eastham 12.637.

Time Trial Group Four:
1. V39 Brett Smith 11.756; 2. V29 Michael Tancredi 11.879; 3. V70 John Vogels 12.025; 4. VA10 Steven Loader 12.308; 5. N46 Stacey Galliford 12.429; 6. VA98 Shane Steenholdt 12.458; 7. VA11 Phil Micallef 12.604; 8. V21 Ben Micallef 12.825; 9. VA38 Steve McIntyre 13.132; 10. VA49 Shaun Lyness 21.283.

Heat One: 1st D7 Matthew Reed; 2nd V4 Phil Lock; 3rd V73 Charles Hunter; 4th V15 David Dennison; 5th V71 Marcus Green.

Heat Two: 1st VA3 Kaidon Brown; 2nd V86 Justin Barton; 3rd V19 Sam Wren; 4th A1 Brett Milburn; 5th V7 Paul Solomon.

Heat Three: 1st V60 Jordyn Charge; 2nd V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 3rd V11 Grant Anderson; 4th V2 Domain Ramsay; 5th V46 Jordan Abbott.

Heat Four: 1st V29 Michael Tancredi; 2nd V39 Brett Smith; 3rd V70 John Vogels; 4th VA10 Steven Loader; 5th VA98 Shane Steenholdt.

Heat Five: 1st S44 Daniel Evans; 2nd V17 Dennis Jones; 3rd A1 Brett Milburn; 4th VA3 Kaidon Brown; 5th VA14 Chris Rodda.

Heat Six: 1st V71 Marcus Green; 2nd V86 Justin Barton; 3rd VA91 Daniel Scott; 4th V7 Paul Solomon; 5th VA96 Daniel Mayson.

Heat Seven: 1st VA49 Shaun Lyness; 2nd V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 3rd V46 Jordan Abbott; 4th V70 John Vogels; 5th V39 Brett Smith.

Heat Eight: 1st N36 Eddie Lumbar; 2nd V60 Jordyn Charge; 3rd V11 Grant Anderson; 4th V21 Ben Micallef; 5th V29 Michael Tancredi.

Sprintcar C-Main 10 laps (Top 4 Transfer to B-Main): 1st V21 Ben Micallef; 2nd VA98 Shane Steenholdt; 3rd V75 Mitchell Smith; 4th VA91 Daniel Scott; 5th VA96 Daniel Mayson; 6th VA42 Mark Noonan; 7th D21 Zac Farrar; 8th VA37 Darryl Atkinson; 9th VA47 Ben Morrison; 10th V18 Sam Millar; 11th VA11 Phil Micallef; 12th N46 Stacey Galliford; 13th V88 Renae Eastham; 14th VA38 Steve McIntyre (DNF).

Sprintcar B-Main 15 laps (Top 6 Transfer to A-Main): 1st V17 Dennis Jones; 2nd V721 Marcus Green; 3rd N36 Eddie Lumbar; 4th S44 Daniel Evans; 5th V7 Paul Solomon; 6th VA10 Steven Loader; 7th VA49 Shaun Lyness; 8th V73 Charles Hunter; 9th V21 Ben Micallef; 10th V15 David Dennison; 11th VA98 Shane Steenholdt; 12th V2 Domain Ramsay (DNF); 13th VA91 Daniel Scott (DNF); 14th VA14 Chris Rodda (DNF); 15th V75 Mitchell Smith (DNF); 16th V46 Jordan Abbott (DNF).

Sprintcar A-Main (25 laps No Time): 1st V60 Jordyn Charge; 2nd V86 Justin Barton; 3rd VA3 Kaidon Brown; 4th V29 Michael Tancredi; 5th V70 John Vogels; 6th D7 Matthew Reed; 7th V39 Brett Smith; 8th V11 Grant Anderson; 9th V19 Sam Wren; 10th V4 Phil Lock; 11th S44 Daniel Evans; 12th V7 Paul Solomon; 13th A1 Brett Milburn; 14th V17 Dennis Jones; 15th V71 Marcus Green; 16th N36 Eddie Lumbar; 17th VA10 Steven Loader; 18th V44 Tim Van Ginneken (DNF).

(Start Order: 1. V60; 2. VA3; 3. D7; 4. V86; 5. V29; 6. V39; 7. V44; 8. V11; 9. V19; 10. V70; 11. V4; 12. A1; 13. V17; 14. V71; 15. N36; 16. S44; 17. V7; 18. VA10.

Lap Leaders: 1-25 V60 Jordyn Charge.

Wingless Sprints:

Heat One: 1st VX97 Blake Walsh; 2nd V95 Geoff Cook; 3rd V14 Harry Ross; 4th V4 Carly Walsh; 5th VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling.

Heat Two: 1st VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 2nd V36 Ashley Cook; 3rd V6 Todd Hobson; 4th VX46 Michael McDonald; 5th VX15 Greg Bishop.

Heat Three: 1st S23 Jack McCarthy; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V33 Luke Storer; 4th S35 Mitchell Broome; 5th V23 Matthew Balcombe.

Heat Four: 1st V2 Travis Millar; 2nd S86 Kirby Hillyer; 3rd V1 Alex Ross; 4th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 5th V76 Kelvin Johnson.

Heat Five: 1st V6 Todd Hobson; 2nd VX43 Benjamin Kirby; 3rd V72 Tyson Bartlett; 4th VX59 Kyle Mason; 5th V95 Geoff Cook.

Heat Six: 1st V23 Matthew Balcombe; 2nd S35 Mitchell Broome; 3rd V36 Ashley Cook; 4th VX46 Michael McDonald; 5th VX15 Greg Bishop.

Heat Seven: 1st V1 Alex Ross; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V67 Christopher Halesworth; 4th V33 Luke Storer; 5th S23 Jack McCarthy.

Heat Eight: 1st VX14 Glenn Watts; 2nd V14 Harry Ross; 3rd V17 Andy Hibbert; 4th V51 Jordan Nicholas; 5th S20 Harley Alexander.

B-Main 1: 1. VX15 Greg Bishop; 2. VX43 Benjamin Kirby; 3. VX62 Trevor Bullock; 4. VX59 Kyle Mason; 5. VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling; 6. VX75 Marc Waddington; 7. V51 Jordan Nicholas; 8. S20 Harley Alexander; 9. VX88 Esther Thomason; 10. V62 Trevor Bullock; 11. VX41 Aaron Kennett.

B-Main 2: 1. V17 Andy Hibbert; 2. VX97 Blake Walsh; 3. V4 Carly Walsh; 4. V72 Tyson Bartlett; 5. V39 Tyler Benson; 6. VX95 Ben Poliansky; 7. V76 Kelvin Johnson; 8. V5 Paul Drew; 9. V34 Shaun Farnsworth; 10. Q26 Kerry Bright.

A-Main (25 laps No Time ): 1st V1 Alex Thomson; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V6 Todd Hobson; 4th S35 Mitchell Broome; 5th S23 Jack McCarthy; 6th S86 Kirby Hillyer; 7th V95 Geoff Cook; 8th V14 Harry Ross; 9th VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 10th VX97 Blake Walsh; 11th V17 Andy Hibbert; 12th VX46 Michael McDonald; 13th VX15 Greg Bishop; 14th V4 Carly Walsh; 15th VX14 Glenn Watts; 16th VX59 Kyle Mayson; 17th VX62 Kasey Garlick; 18th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 19th V72 Tyson Bartlett; 20th V33 Luke Storer (DNF); 21st V2 Travis Millar (DNF); 22nd VX43 Benjamin Kirby (DNF); 23rd V36 Ashley Cook (DNF); 24th V23 Matthew Balcombe (DNF).

Junior Formula 500ís:

Heat One (Race Time 2.46:775): 1st N33 Jac Laneyrie; 2nd V5 Jackson Van Ginneken; 3rd V24 Tyler Maggs; 4th V76 Jordy Langdon; 5th G68 Max Bevan.

Heat Two (Race Time 2.29.860): 1st N17 Blake Matthews; 2nd V24 Tyler Maggs; 3rd V78 Maddox Gibbs; 4th V11 Dakota Luckett; 5th N33 Jac Laneyrie.

A-Main (Race Time 4.48:351): 1. V24 Tyler Maggs; 2. N17 Blake Matthews; 3. N33 Jac Laneyrie; 4. V5 Jackson Van Ginneken; 5. V78 Maddox Gibbs; 6. V76 Jordy Langdon; 7. G68 Max Bevan; 8. G3 Mitchell Sanderson; 9. V11 Dakota Luckett; 10. V64 Caleb Langdon; 11.V56 Jack Balcombe; 12. N38 Ky Young; 13. V44 Tyson Balcombe (DNF); 14, V30 Aston Rodriguez (DNS); 15. V69 Chad Bell (DNS)

That concludes our Racing Program for the 2020-21 Season, The Management and Board of the Premier Speedway Club would like to thank all the Race Fans, Volunteers and Competitors that stuck with us through the year as we look forward to a new season kicking off on Saturday November 6, 2021.

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