Great Fields For Friday Night at Premier Speedway-59368

Great Fields For Friday Night at Premier Speedway

Tickets will be available for purchase up until midnight on Thursday night for this Friday’s final race of the 2020-21 Premier Speedway season, with a huge ensemble of 98 cars entered across the three divisions which include 360 Sprintcars as a part of the Triple Crown Series, Wingless Sprints and Junior Formula 500’s.

With discounted adult admission of just $20 and all Children 15 and Under admitted for $5, there will be plenty of on-track entertainment to round out the season, with Patrons reminded that access to the venue will be via the Warrnambool side only.

Current Australian 360 Sprintcar Champion Brett Milburn headlines a strong field of 41 Sprintcars with regular visitors to Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool including Grant Anderson, John Vogels, Domain Ramsay, Eddie Lumbar, Matthew Reed, Dennis Jones, Tim Van Ginneken and Jordyn Charge all amongst the forty-plus entry list.

Yet again the Wingless Sprints have entered with strong competitor numbers with current State Champion Alex Ross joining the likes of Luke Weel, Mitchell Broome, Luke and Daniel Storer, Travis Millar, Andy Hibbert, Harry Ross, Glenn Watts and Geoff Cook in the star-studded line up.

A great deal of excitement surrounds the debut appearance of the Junior Formula 500’s at Premier Speedway this weekend, with some familiar names set to make an appearance.

Tyler Maggs, son of former Sprintcar racer Daryn and Grand Son of Jack, will join Chad Bell, son of Stephen Bell, Zoe Pearce daughter of Speedcar Ace Andy Pearce and Grand Daughter of Ian ‘The Fly’ Lewis as some of the familiar names in the 16 strong field!

With gates opening on Friday at 4pm and cars on track at 5pm, it is looking like being a great night of racing to round out the season.

The full list of entrants as at midday on Monday April 12 is as follows:


A1 Brett Milburn
V2 Domain Ramsay
VA3 Kaidon Brown
V4 Phil Lock
D7 Matthew Reed
V7 Paul Solomon
VA10 Steven Loader
V11 Grant Anderson
VA11 Phil Micallef
VA14 Chris Rodda
V15 David Dennison
V17 Dennis Jones
V18 Sam Millar
VA18 Mitchell Sutej
V19 Sam Wren
D21 Zac Farrer
V21 Ben Micallef
V29 Michael Tancredi
N36 Eddie Lumbar
VA37 Darryl Atkinson
VA38 Steve McIntyre
V39 Brett Smith
VA42 Mark Noonan
SA44 Daniel Evans
V44 Tm Van Ginneken
V46 Jordan Abbott
N46 Stacey Galliford
VA47 Ben Morrison
VA49 Shaun Lyness
V60 Jordyn Charge
V70 John Vogels
V71 Marcus Green
V73 Charles Hunter
V75 Mitchell Smith
V83 Christopher Solomon
V86 Justin Barton
V88 Renae Eastham
VA91 Daniel Scott
VA96 Daniel Mayson
VA98 Shane Steenholdt

Wingless Sprints:

V2 Travis Millar
V4 Carly Walsh
V5 Paul Drew
VX5 Luke McCutcheon
V6 Todd Hobson
V10 Will Scott
V14 Harry Ross
VX14 Glenn Watts
VX15 Greg Bishop
V17 Andy Hibbert
S20 Harley Alexander
V23 Mathew Balcombe
S23 Jack McCarthy
Q26 Kerry Bright
V33 Luke Storer
V34 Shaun Farnsworth
S35 Mitchell Broome
V36 Ashley Cook
V39 Tyler Benson
VX41 Aaron Kennett
VX43 Benjamin Kirby
V43 Daniel Storer
VX46 Michael McDonald
VX50 Luke Weel
V51 Jordan Nicholas
VX59 Kyle Mayson
V62 Trevor Bullock
VX62 Kasey Garlick
V67 Christopher Halesworth
VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling
V70 Aron Lawrence
VX71 Rhys Buck
V72 Tyson Bartlett
V76 Kelvin Johnson
VX76 Marc Waddington
V77 Alex Ross
V79 Clint McLaren
S86 Kirby Hillyer
VX88 Esther Thomson
V95 Geoff Cook
VX95 Ben Poliansky
VX97 Blake Walsh

Junior Formula 500’s:

G3 Mitchell Sanderson
V5 Jackson Van Ginneken
V11 Dakota Luckett
N17 Blake Matthews
V24 Tyler Maggs
V30 Aston Rodriguez
N33 Jac Laneyrie
N38 Ky Young
V44 Tyson Balcombe
V56 Jack Balcombe
V64 Caleb Langdon
V67 Zoe Pearce
G68 Max Bevan
V69 Chad Bell
V76 Jordy Langdon
V78 Maddox Gibbs

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