Sungold Stadium Since 2004

As we sit and wait for some sort of indication as to what the 2020-21 Racing Season looks like, we would like to take the opportunity to pay homage to a number of our major venue and event partners.

Today's installment pays tribute to Sungold Milk who have been an integral part of the Premier Speedway Club as our very first (and only) venue Naming Rights Partner!

Please remember to support those that support us!

Sungold Stadium Since 2004!

With its headquarters located less than a five-minute drive from Premier Speedway, Sungold Milk has now enjoyed 16 seasons as the Venue Naming Rights Partner of the Premier Speedway Club.

The original two year agreement as signed prior to the 2004-05 Speedway Season has continued ever since with the large, identifying signage, which graces the entrances of Premier Speedway becoming almost as iconic and recognisable as the Premier Speedway venue itself and as legendary as Sungold Milk is to the Australian Dairy Industry.

No doubt Sungold Milk, along with every other business has endured some recent challenges with regards to COVID-19, however everyone at Premier Speedway wishes to thank the entire Sungold Milk team for their continued support of Premier Speedway, a partnership that we hope continues for many years to come.

To our Speedway fans, if you see a Sungold Milk product when you are next at the supermarket or corner store, then why not give it a go and support those that support us!

About Sungold Milk:

Sungold Milk is a fresh milk brand of Saputo Dairy Australia, the largest dairy processor in Australia.

Our Sungold plant is located on the Great Ocean Road in Allansford, near Warrnambool, Victoria and commenced supplying fresh full cream milk to households in regional Victoria under the Sungold Milk brand in 1956.

Following deregulation of the Victorian fresh milk market in 2000, Sungold Milk expanded into new areas. A new packaging plant was commissioned in 2004 and an extensive range of white and flavoured milks was launched.

Today, Sungold Milk can be found in select IGA stores, Coles and Woolworths and many milk bars and cafes throughout Victoria.

Sungold supplies fresh milk to distributors who on-sell to the route and grocery trade. Sungold Milk is also being sold in Sydney and South-East Queensland.

Continued sales growth led to a plant expansion in 2011, doubling the production capacity for Sungold Milk and providing more local jobs.

Saputo Dairy Australia produces, markets and distributes a wide range of high quality dairy products for the domestic and international markets.